I’m BACK! After what seemed a never ending year of study and stress, I have finally completed my leaving cert. Finito forever! (Here’s hoping…). Not having to dedicate every spare moment to study and cramming (mostly the latter), I now have the entire summer to keep everyone updated on what’s cooking in my kitchen. I have a healthy supply of photographs and recipes built up which I will be posting throughout my summer of FREEDOM.

A little update on the last year of my monotonous life…

In November 2013, I made the fantastic discovery that I was indeed, intolerant to eggs. As an all round foodie, my little heart sank as the realisation hit that I couldn’t have eggs benedict or french toast with berries every other weekend. The household has experienced a baking dry spell throughout the past couple of months, a fact which my dad still laments. When I returned home from finishing my final exam- the dreaded Ag Science timetabled to the LAST DAY of the exam schedule- my mum asked me “Are you happy to be finished love?” to which I responded “of course- I just cannot wait to BAKE!” A typical answer from most Irish 18 year olds one would assume…..


I have been experimenting with a few recipes- some versions of classics which dont require eggs or simply substituting eggs with orgran egg replacer and let me tell you, it is not fun. Trying to get the balance right between the subsitute egg versus normal egg is HARD. Some ‘non-egg’ versions of recipes taste downright wrong. Dad held no prisoners last week when he told me the pancakes I had so lovingly prepared for his birthday tasted ‘rather tougher than usual’. Remind me to never make him birthday brunch again! Hmmph. This- coming from a man who cannot taste the difference between coffee and carrot cake (Yes, he actually got these two mixed up before) -came as an even lower blow. What semi-competent cook can’t rustle up a batch of fluffy pancakes? Apparently not me. DARN YOU EGGS!


I guess the question I’m putting out here to all of you foodies in the blogisphere, is there any egg replacer that you know of which actually works? The orgran brand is sufficient soley as a binder for example in cookies. However, I have tried making various sponge mixes, each which yield a miserable result. I once read that for any recipe that requires 3+ eggs, a replacer will not work. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

All of your EGG-spert (sorry) opinions would be greatly appreciated so please feel free to comment below!



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