Christening cake inspo!

Okay, so I will admit my last blog post set out some ambitious goals which I didn’t quite manage to reach…. namely the whole blogging regularly thing. Although, in my defence, the past three months have been hectic to say the least! Since I last posted, I’ve managed to get in to college studying my dream course of food business, moved house, visited 3 different countries and been non stop baking! All whilst juggling a manic social schedule which first year uni students ‘endure’ (Liver please forgive me)….

This post is more of a photo update rather than a recipe one which will soon follow this one. In my absence from the blogosphere, my adorable little nephew Nate was christened. As my family don’t like doing anything by halves, a huge party was thrown in our family home, complete with party food overload. Juulika Lomp from Carewswood Garden Centre & Cafe and staff did an exceptional job in handling the events food for the day. From their finger food to main meal down to their perfect desserts, their food was beautiful and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough for any catering that you may need.

As the baker of the family, the job was left to me to create a few extras in the sweet department:

  • Carrot Cake (For which I used the hummingbird bakery book – It was deliciously moist and nutty)
  • Classic shortbread with toasted pecans (Will post the recipe sometime next week, as it is shortbread PERFECTION)
  • Millionaire’s shortbread with Salted peanuts (soooooo good- it’s on my next blog post, I promise!)
  • The main event: Nate’s christening cake which consisted of a rich chocolate cake on the bottom tier and a moist lemon victoria sponge on the top.

For the chocolate cake, I used a Rachel Allen recipe here which was a pleasant cake, but I’d definately tasted nicer. The lemon victoria sponge is also a Rachel Allen recipe here and it was wonderful ( to that, you add the grated zest of 1 lemon) My sister and her friend did a cake decorating course last year and they expertly iced the fruits of my labour! They used simple model icing in various colours and decorations which they had ordered online to create a rather spectacular (and profesional) looking cake!

Below are pictures of the day’s food and of the promised christening cake… Enjoy!

IMG_2622 IMG_2649 IMG_2645 IMG_2655 IMG_2651IMG_2650 IMG_2643IMG_2644



– Rachel


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