Double chocolate chip malt cookies

1 Nov

Hey guys,

Ah it’s that time of year again! Halloween. That one night out of the year which you’ve prepared for by frantically trying to come up with a costume that won’t make you look playboy-esque but one that also won’t break the bank! (I’m now a broke college student after all…) I’m more of an over the top Christmas fan kind of gal but I always like to make something sweet for the occasion.. Made these scrummy double chocolate cookies yesterday evening for a sweet treat in a rush! (Jamie Oliver claims they’re halloween themed, but eek, I think that’s pushing it!)

I particularly like this recipe as I’m still trying to stay away from eggs as much as I can, so the fact that this recipe was egg free is a bonus! Such a simple recipe to whip up- the cookies are somewhat different to your normal cookie as they’re slightly softer and have a chewy/gooey centre. I kind of feel like they’re a half way house between and brownie and a cookie…. A brookie? A crownie?! Anyhoo, you can get the recipe to make these bad boys here on

Hope everyone had a spooky Halloween!

– Rachel 🎃



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