Pecan Brownies

Hello all! With Easter coming up, I thought it was rather fitting to do a chocolate themed post. If you need some Easter cake inspiration, check out my previous post by clicking here. So for anyone who knows of the Perry Street Market Cafe in Cork, you might know how totally irrestable their brownies are. […]

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Christening cake inspo!

Okay, so I will admit my last blog post set out some ambitious goals which I didn’t quite manage to reach…. namely the whole blogging regularly thing. Although, in my defence, the past three months have been hectic to say the least! Since I last posted, I’ve managed to get in to college studying my […]

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Perfect Chocolate Fondants

I had only made fondants once before I tried this recipe with the results being slightly disappointing. The recipe I had previously used produced a sponge like fondant and didn’t have much of a chocolatey kick as it called for half milk half dark chocolate (I’m a dark choccie fan 100%). I wasn’t expecting much […]

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