Salted Caramel Toffees

Hello all! This recipe is a prelude of what is to come…. Salted caramel, choocolate and pecan cookies (drool). The salty sweet chewiness of these sweets is ridiculously good. They are an ideal after dinner weekend treat or look great packaged in clear bags, tied with ribbon for a sweet gift! Recipe is from the […]

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Perfect Chocolate Fondants

I had only made fondants once before I tried this recipe with the results being slightly disappointing. The recipe I had previously used produced a sponge like fondant and didn’t have much of a chocolatey kick as it called for half milk half dark chocolate (I’m a dark choccie fan 100%). I wasn’t expecting much […]

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Perfect….Key Lime Pie

I’m not much of a pie person- but this pie is special.The filling is smooth and bursting with lime zest while the crust is crunchy and buttery rich- both of which work together extremely well. In my eyes, it is THE perfect key lime pie. Its easy and quick to prepare but also looks divine […]

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CHURROS con chocolate

I’m in Spain on holidays at the moment so I feel this recipe apt! Churros are a not so secret guilty pleasure of mine: the crispy fried sugary dough with the not so sweet dark chocolate sauce tastes out of this world! I make a chocolate ganache type sauce to go with my churros which […]

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